We are all about being human!

At Spectrum, we want to detach ourselves from the stigma behind your “typical real estate”. More often than not, home owners and investors cringe at the thought and stress that can come with having to deal with a real estate agent in Brisbane. At Spectrum, we believe that you shouldn’t have to micro-manage your property manager and real estate sales agent. You should be able to sit back with the peace of mind knowing that when you employ someone to do a job for you, that’s exactly what they will do.

We know it’s unrealistic to expect everything to be perfect 100 percent of the time. You will probably agree that most of your dealings with property agents in the past have involved them promising you the world, then hiding behind their emails, giving you excuse after excuse, or not telling you anything at all. That’s where Spectrum is different. We know and understand that communication and honesty is the key in building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. Transparency is key to a great result for everyone.

We are all about being human!
The Best In Tech

The Best In Tech

Technology is evolving faster than ever before. This is one of the reasons why we chose to go out as an independent as opposed to joining a franchise group, which places restrictions around what you can and cannot use in your business. As technology evolves, so do we – and being able to make decisions around what we use, means we can offer the best products and benefits in the market to our clients – occasionally even before some of the large corporates have even heard of them!

Online first approach

Who even reads a newspaper anymore? Well, most do…online. We class the internet as the modern day newspaper – that’s where people go looking for things that they want (like your home). So we focus there. We have products which use artificial intelligence to make sure your property gets in front of the right people and gets them engaged (across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google and LinkedIn) as well as being on all of the major property portals. If you feel that your home may benefit from Newspaper advertising – well, we can do that too.

Online first approach
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Eye-Catching Marketing

Let’s shout it from the rooftops – not literally! But lets create a fuss about your properties for sale in Brisbane. From our eye-catching signage, photos and media, to our innovative and tailored approach to marketing, we believe that making your property stand out is the key. At the end of the day, you are hiring us to promote and negotiate – both of which we specialise in.

We Are With You The Whole Way

Our service doesn’t just stop at signing the contract or lease, we want to offer you something extra (at no extra cost). That’s right! We have our own concierge team who focus on taking care of all the hassles of moving, like organising your utility connections, yard maintenance or odd jobs around the house, so you don’t have to deal with it. We would rather see you enjoy the extra time with family or friends!

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Sell Houses

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Sell For What You Deserve: How To Get The Price You Want For Your Property

When you’re selling your home, it’s only natural to want to get the best possible price, which is why it’s so important to find a selling agent who can do that for you. If there’s one thing we know here at Spectrum Estate Agents, it’s how to sell houses. We’ve been doing it for years, and our team understand exactly what you need to do to get the best price for your home. So whether you’re organising an off-market real estate sales in Brisbane or you’re planning an auction, our house-selling agents will make sure you get the price you deserve.

Add As Much Value As You Can

Adding value to your property doesn’t necessarily mean undergoing a complete kitchen renovation. Sometimes the simplest changes can add thousands to the value of your home. Here are a few things you can do to drive up the price of your property.

  • Repaint the walls and ceilings. One of the simplest ways to refresh your property and add value is a new coat of paint. If you choose to DIY, just tackle the project one room at a time and try and hire professional painters to do the ceilings, so you don’t strain your neck. Make sure you pick neutral colours to appeal to as many buyers as possible.
  • Change the light switches and door handles. Over time, door handles, light and power switches become yellowed and grimy, and if you’re repainting the walls, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Replacing them is inexpensive and will add value to your home.
  • Replace your blinds or curtains. There’s nothing that detracts from a room quite like yellowing, stained blinds. Install some timeless shutters or blinds to liven up the house.
  • Install new taps. New taps and faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry can help update the whole room’s look. Try to fit matching fixtures and faucets to tie each room together.
  • Change your kitchen hardware. You’d be shocked at how much better your kitchen can look when you replace the handles with new hardware. You can choose from stainless steel, matte black, copper, whatever suits the style of your kitchen.
  • Create the illusion of space. Space is one of those things that adds perceived value to your home. To create the illusion of space, make sure you open up windows for natural light, add mirrors to the room, and arrange your furniture in a way that doesn’t overpower the room.
  • Hire a gardener for a day or two. Hire a professional gardener to come in and tidy up the lawns and garden beds. If your yard is looking a little dreary, ask them to plant some new plants and fertilise the garden beds for you. The initial outlay could add thousands of dollars of value to your home.
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Get An Agent Who Gets You

A selling agent who understands your wants, needs, and expectations will get you the price you want, not the price they think you want.

  • Do a little bit of investigative research on your agent. If you want to see how your selling agent operates, before introducing yourself as an interested seller, visit one of their open homes. You’ll want to watch how the agent;
    • Engages with prospective buyers. You don’t want an agent that’s just going to stand in the kitchen looking at their phone while people wander through the house. Instead, choose an agent who talks and gets to know the buyers and one who shows them the home’s best features.
    • Answers questions about the property. Any old agent can lie to sell houses. It takes a certain kind of skill to be completely honest and transparent and secure a house for sale in Brisbane.
    • Speaks about the vendor. Does the agent tell prospective buyers that the vendor will come down in price? Are they sharing too much personal information about the vendor’s situation and giving the buyers too much bargaining power? Listen carefully to how they speak about the seller, because that’s a clear sign as to how they’ll talk about you.
    • Presents the property. Has the agent just done the bare minimum by opening the front door and letting people through? Or do they open all the curtains, turn on the lights and show the property as best as they can?
  • Make sure they ask you plenty of questions. If your home selling agent doesn’t take the time to get to know you, you shouldn’t trust them to sell your property. At Spectrum, we believe that getting to know you, will help us sell your property. We need to understand your reasons for selling, your hopes for the future, and how much you’d like to make from the property sale in Brisbane. With this information, we can have genuine conversations with you about how to best market your home and get you the right price.
  • Don’t let your agent push you. If you have a reasonable selling price for your property, don’t let your agent bully you to settle for less. However, you need to make sure your goal price is justified with market research and a property appraisal. At Spectrum, we don’t believe in avoiding difficult conversations. If we think you’ve overshot or undershot the asking price, we’ll make sure our communication with you is honest. We’ll back our position with solid market evidence, and we’ll help you come up with a realistic price point.

When It Comes To Marketing, Think Outside The Box

At Spectrum Estate Agents, renting & real estate sales in Brisbane and is what we do best. We’re known for getting a little bit creative with our property marketing strategies, which is why we’re able to grab the attention of a broader range of potential buyers and tenants.

  • Eye-catching copy. Everyone knows that high-quality photos play a huge role in grabbing the attention of potential buyers and tenants, but beautifully written copy hits them right in the emotions and pushes them to book an inspection.
  • Gorgeous photos. Anyone can point a camera and take a picture of a house, but the photo needs to communicate a story to prospective buyers and tenants. That’s why we hire professional real estate photographers to capture the very best features of your property at the very best times of the day. We’ll never upload a ‘meh’ photo of your property; we only use images that will leave your audience wanting more.
  • Video walk-throughs. These days, not everyone can come to an open home or book a physical inspection, so it’s crucial to offer high-quality video walk-throughs that tell a little bit about the property and show everything your buyer or tenants  want to see in person. To sell and rent houses, we create videos that will make your viewers fall in love with it online.
  • Use social media strategically. Did you know that more and more people use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to find real estate? Yes, Domain and Realestate.com.au are still the go-to portals, but social media advertising for real estate is booming, so we use high-quality photos paired with some witty, attention-grabbing captions to advertise on other portals too.

When You Need A Selling Agent, Look No Further Than Spectrum Estate Agents

At Spectrum, we’re not your typical real estate agency. Sure, we help people buy, sell, lease, and rent property, but outside of that, we’re committed to doing things differently. We value honesty, integrity, innovation, and most importantly, people. We understand that each of our clients has different desires, different stories, and different expectations, so we work closely with them to make they’re getting the service they need. The cookie-cutter approach to real estate is going the way of the dodo bird. Instead, Spectrum Estate Agents offer highly personalised, tailored strategies for each of our clients to get them the very best result possible. So, if you’re after an agency that is ready to be bold and zig when others zag, contact Spectrum Estate Agents.